I started the year with a mission… to only go food shopping every two months. I’m such a rockstar.
I wanted to prove that I could cut down my waste, eat better, spend less AND save time.
How hard could it be?!?

The results are in…
It’s four months in, and I owe you a report.
Savings so far:
Time: 24 hours
Money: $1,280
Waste: 128 plastic bags + 160 food packets + 96 meat trays
I sound like an infomercial – but it is for real. I’m totally blown away as to how easy it has been to make such dramatic changes.
I’ve saved 24 hours of shopping time, WTF!?!

What did I do
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But the big breakthroughs were:
– We get a weekly local organic produce delivery
– I joined a bulk buying co-op and order every three months for shelf staples
– We buy in bulk direct from the supplier for things like berries and meat, and I take my own containers
– I made friends with my freezer (even though she’s a cold, hard b!tch)

Simple change – big impact (less shopping)

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