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We’re on a mission to normalise sustainable living. We have some standard services which we offer. If you’ve got an idea of something else that doesn’t fit the mould, let us know. We’re up for anything (we’ll almost).

Speaking & Workshops

Talking – it’s pretty much our thing. We’re totally into engaging human to human, sharing our journey and how you can make pratical small changes which have a big impact.

From speaking engagements to interactive workshops, corporate to social, fun to fundraising – we’re up for it.

Get in touch and we can have a yarn about what you’re after and figure out a plan of attack. Easy as.

1:1 Consultation

Living more sustainably isn’t a one size fits all. It’s about finding an approach that’s right for you and your lifesyle. A 1:1 consultation is a great option if you need some help figuring out where to start, or if you’re already on the journey and just need some extra options or a different perspective. The process is run by Nic, and will start with a questionaire to get me inside your head a bit (not in a weird way), we’ll then have a skype call to thrash things out and I’ll follow up with some recommendations. Simple as.

Cost $149 (inc GST)

House Tour

It’s human nature to want to see how other people live, so I’ve decided to open up my (Nic’s) house for you to have a gawk! We are a family of four living in Cambridge. We are on a journey to zero waste (we are currently putting out the equivalent of one rubbish bag every 6 months). We have also significantly reduced our chemical load, and we are aspiring minimalists!

The tour takes approximately 2.5 hours and includes a walk through of our house, a whole lotta chat about how we roll and some practical ideas for you to take home. I sometimes have scheduled open home times, but otherwise will take group bookings (min 5 people).

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