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At Mainstream Green we’re all about normalising waste minimisation.
Working with the frameworks of Nudge Theory, Community Based Social Marketing and the Ripple Effect, we can work with you to create behaviour change strategies and engagement campaigns.

Behaviour Change Plans

Not sure where to start when it comes to behaviour change? Mainstream Green can work with you to create a plan to develop engagement and awareness around waste minimisation within your local community.


From business engagement to workshops for individuals to unique events – Mainstream Green can design campaigns to create awareness and engagement around specific waste minimisation behaviours.


Looking for a speaker for your event?
Nic can share her journey from corporate consumer expert to zero waste minimalist and deliver on a variety of topics relating to waste reduction, mindful consumerism and living with less.

“Nic is a consummate professional that can always be counted on to deliver exceptional outcomes”

Hamilton City Council

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Waikato, New Zealand

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