Supercharge your sustainability journey

So your organisation is on the journey to become more sustainable…
– How do you engage your team, your customers and your suppliers to bring
them with you on the journey?
– How do you leverage behavioural science and human insight to move from
knowing to doing?
Mainstream Green is all about behaviour change and we’re here to help you use it to supercharge your sustainability impact.


How does it work?
Speaking to people and organisations to get them motivated about reducing their impact is our jam. We love doing it face to face, but we’ve recently become big fans of doing it virtually too!
From an intimate group to a cyber gathering of hundreds, no matter where you are on your journey – we can excite and motivate your team with an entertaining and informative speaking session.
Sessions normally run for around 60mins, include time for Q&A and use the Zoom platform, but can be tailored to suit.

Why now?
As individuals, organisations and a collective we find ourselves at a unique point in history where we have the opportunity to create a new normal – a normal which is more sustainable, resilient and connected. Let me help you and your team to make it happen.

Why Mainstream Green?
Nic Turner from Mainstream Green, spent the first 15 years of her career working in the global consumer goods industry. Her life was set on a different trajectory with a personal quest to live more lightly on the planet.

Bringing together her understanding of human behaviour and her sustainability experience, Nic founded Mainstream Green as a Social Enterprise to inspire behaviour change in individuals and organisations.

A passionate advocate for keeping it real, Nic specialises in empowering people  to think differently about their impact. Using her knowledge as an ex FMCG consumer behaviour expert, Nic shares advice and ideas that are practical and easy to implement. Attendees come away inspired and with a toolbox of approaches to create change.

‘Nic provided ¬†inspiration in a really tangible and humorous way’
Airways NZ
‘A practical, fun and innovative behaviour changer. The best’
Hamilton City Council

How much does it cost?
The more people we can talk to, the more impact we can create, and we don’t want to let current circumstances slow things down! We’re all in this together and we’re very happy for you to ‘pay what you can’.
Get in touch, we can have a chat about what you’re after and then figure out a way to make it work for everyone.
Let’s do this!

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