Let’s do it…

We’re all about living with less stuff, less waste and more awesome.

It’s good for the wellbeing of you and your family and the wellbeing of the planet.

We get that you’re juggling the motherload and don’t need another thing to feel guilty about.
We’re about simplifying and showing you how small changes can have a big impact.
Your journey has started whether you know it or not, and we’re stoked.

Free Guide

Want to be more Greenful, but don’t have the time?
Get our ‘5 shortcuts to Greenfulness’. I’ll share tips on how I’ve managed to save 2 weeks of time a year!
Easy as.


We run workshops and events both in the flesh and on the interweb. We share tips on how we live a simpler life with less stuff and less waste. Check out what we’ve got
coming up.

House Tours

As a family of four, we put out one wheelie bin of rubbish a year and have very little ‘stuff’.
Come and do a tour of our place in Cambridge, and I’ll show you how.
For real.


Want a bit more 1:1 attention?
We can work together to figure out where you’re at and how to get change happening that’s right for you and your lifestyle.


We’re totally into engaging human to human, sharing our journey and how you can make pratical small changes which have a big impact. Come to an upcoming event or book your own.

More learning

We get that everyone learns differently, so to make it easy, we regularly share videos and online workshops and retreats to help get you inspired.

“Nic is an inspirational speaker who can alter thinking and take people on a journey.
The next thing you know, you’re on a path to self-discovery recognising the small changes you can make”


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