Working together

We’re all about empowering people and organisations to become more intentional about how we consume and the impact we create. It’s small changes that have a big impact. It’s better for our own wellbeing and the planet.

We love working with organisations to run workshops and events for employees and stakeholders. We can also work with you on how to think differently about your organisational impact.

Employee Wellbeing

After something unique for your employee wellbeing programme? We offer workshops and bespoke activities which empower people to make a difference for themselves and the planet. From learning lunch sessions to office campaigns – we can create something that works for you.

Speaking & Fundraisers

Looking for a speaker or key note for your next event? Nic can deliver on a variety of topics relating to waste reduction, mindful consumerism and living with less. Her personal journey from corporate consumer expert to a zero waste minimalist is renowned for creating ripples of change.

Waste Reduction

Keen to reduce your business waste but not sure where to start? We can do a ‘business walk through’ with you to understand your needs and put in place some simple changes which will have a big impact. We can also design a plan to bring your employees with you on the  journey.

“Nic is an inspirational speaker who can alter thinking and take people on a journey.”

Amanda – The Stakeholder Agency

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