Hi, I’m Nic,

Founder and Behaviour Changer at Mainstream Green™.

After nearly 15 years working in the corporate world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), I got to know far too much about how people behave in the supermarket and how to turn them into the ultimate consumer.

I now use my awareness of consumerism to help change our relationship with stuff. I love understanding how we can live more simply and more consciously with less things, creating less waste.
Ironic I know.

Now a converted minimalist and aspiring zero waster, I’m all about creating a ‘Greenfulness™ movement’.
It means being mindful to what we buy and the waste it creates, and being empowered to make better choices which don’t compromise your lifestyle.

I understand how small changes have the power to create significant shifts for us and the planet. I focus on making ‘One Small Change’ – gateway behaviours that are achievable, make people feel awesome and ultimately generate more changes in their life.

I’m passionate about the ripple effect: the idea that if one person changes their behaviour there is a continuing and spreading impact of their action, as they help to role model and normalise that behaviour to others. Change is totally possible because of the actions of one person – how cool is that?

I redefine convenience as something we can’t consume our way towards, spending all our time working to afford the products that make our lives easier, shopping for them, looking after them and then tidying them up. I demonstrate that living more simply creates more time, money and presence in life, as well as changing the world we live in. As an example, I teach people to shop in a way that saves them two full working weeks a year. Imagine what you could do with that time instead!

Mainstream Green™ is based in Cambridge, New Zealand, but we travel nationwide.

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