Milking it

We’re into dairy in our house.
Milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt – it’s all invited.
I made the decision to switch to buying local organic milk a while ago.
It costs a bit more, but I’m totally down with buying local and reducing my chemical load. Plus it’s non-homogenised and still has the cream on top – it seriously tastes AMAZING.

Bottling up
I have my brownie badge in recycling, and will always recycle my milk bottles.
But I’m always looking for ways to reduce my packaging – I was keen to go next level and try and get my milk in refillable glass bottles.
I found milk vending machines!
The closest one that worked for me was an hour away.

The checklist

I trialled freezing some of the milk I had – check (still tasted awesome)
I started hoarding glass bottles like it was the apocalypse Рcheck
I waited until I needed to go that way for something else – check
I packed two chilly bins with my empty glass bottles and chiller pads – check
I braced myself for feeling like a bit of a dick – check (as much as you can)
30 litres of organic, zero waste milk in my freezer – check
No more thinking about buying milk for 4 months – check

Next level
I appreciate that I went a bit next level for my milk.
The good news is, that there are other things you can do to have an impact:
– Buying larger bottles saves plastic.
– Supporting local and organic is awesome.
– If you have too much – freeze it to avoid wasting it
– If you do have the option of buying in glass or refillable options – get amongst it. The more we support it and encourage it, the more mainstream it will become (again).

Simple changes – big impact


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