Home Tour

It’s human nature to want to see how other people live, so I’ve decided to open up my (Nic’s) house for you to have a look!
We are a family of four living in Cambridge. We are on a journey to zero waste (we are currently putting out the equivalent of a wheelie bin of rubbish every year).
We have also significantly reduced our chemical load, and we are aspiring minimalists!

The tour takes approximately 2 hours and includes a walk through of our house, a whole lotta chat about how we roll and some practical ideas for you to take home.
The tour includes key areas of a busy, family home:
Kitchen (including food purchasing, prep, storage)
Kids’ rooms
Sorting waste

I sometimes have scheduled open home times (check out our events page), but otherwise will take group bookings (min 8 people).
I’m also totally into running a tour as a fundraiser too.

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