I’ve discovered the wonders of a food buying co-op.
Turns out there are awesome people everywhere banding together to buy stuff in bulk and get a sweet deal.
All I had to do was fill in a spreadsheet, pay some money, and hey presto – a week later I picked up enough pantry staples to last us at least four months.

What’s the big deal?
It’s a well known fact that I am a big fan of the bullet point, so here goes:

  • Time: 20mins to order and 10mins to pick up. Boom!
  • Organic: I got fancy and joined an organic co-op. Less chemicals has got to be good.
  • Savings: I swear I’m saving at least 20%, and that’s versus buying non-organic before!
  • Packaging: Bulk bags have cut down my packaging waste by at least 75%.
  • Good sh!t: Having a pantry full of nutritious goodness, makes eating better a whole lot easier.

I did go a bit overboard with a few things.
My husband thinks I’m preparing for the apocalypse and is worried he’ll come home and find me building a bunker in the backyard whilst wearing a tin-foil hat. Good news is, if it does happen, we will have a LOT of scroggin to get us through.

Simple change – big impact (less shopping)

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