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Shopping like a boss

I started the year with a mission... to only go food shopping every two months. I'm such a rockstar. I wanted to prove that I could cut down my waste, eat better, spend less AND save time. How hard could it be?!? The results are in... It's four months in, and I owe...

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Love thy freezer

I've always been quietly impressed by freezers. They're so unassuming, but they essentially suspend food in time - how awesome is that?!? My freezer has become a bit of a secret weapon in my quest to only go shopping once every two months. It means I can max out the...

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Milk your nuts

My husband uses almond milk. He's good like that. In my quest to give up the supermarket, I was simply going to buy heaps and store it. But when I was loading it into the trolley, I started feeling a bit stink about all of the non-recyclable tetra packs that I was...

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Overachieving baking

One part of giving up the supermarket for me is reducing the amount of packaged food we buy (less waste, better food).Good in theory, but then what do you do with the kids lunchboxes?!? The time trial Part of this mission for me is to save time. I have saved 2.5 hours...

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Me and Mr T

I've gone old school. I found myself a couple of tea strainers at the op shop and have switched to loose leaf. Gotta say... I'm a big fan. It may be psychological, but I swear it tastes better. #Winning I was a bit gutted to find out that a lot of tea bags contain...

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Knock knock

I have a romantic notion of wearing a flowing dress and a floppy hat and filling a basket with a daily abundance of fresh produce from my garden. The reality is that I've nailed growing a few things and am continually trying to learn more, but I can't deliver on the...

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