Mainstream Green

Mindful consumption: small changes, big impact.

Let’s create ripples of change.

We’re about creating a movement where we are mindful of how we consume and the impact we have. It’s better for our own wellbeing and the planet. We empower people to make simple changes that have a big impact. We keep it real and show that making better choices doesn’t have to compromise your lifestyle. In fact, it feels awesome!

We work with individuals, organisations and councils to create behaviour change.

Let’s get started.

As featured in

Hamilton City Council

“Nic is an absolute delight to work with, her sense of humour, knowledge and passion shines through in all of the work she delivers.”

Louise - Workshop attendee

“Thanks for an entertaining and inspiring workshop last night. Loads of great advice and tips to take away.”

Hamilton City Council

“”Nic brings an innovative and informed approach to behaviour change.”

ASB GenY Team

“Nic was fantastic at our event! Her presentation was educational, entertaining and most of all, inspirational.”


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